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La Coulainaise Sportive ~ Le Mans France

What's This All About?
Listed to the right, are all of the cycle racing and time trial circuits here in the nine mile wide by five mile deep, island of Jersey. A 100 miles south of the UK and 14 miles from France, our 45 square miles are made up of many valleys formed in an island that slopes from the 100 metre cliffs of the north to the sea level flatlands of the south. Jersey has 450 miles of roads, and most of them seem to be Strava segments!

We've included most of our regular flamme rouge training circuits and some of our classic climbing and interval segments so locally you can take up the challenge yourself. Click on a link to be taken to a course description, a map location and all the Strava timings, charts and rider information of your chosen route or segment.

If you click on the segment overview links you'll be taken (in a new window) straight to Strava to see all of the info you need, and probably loads more you don't. To place the ride in context, why not go to satellite view and explore our lovely island?


What Now?
Now you've planned your ride, check the BBC weather forecast, to see when would be a good time to go...

Coeur Bretagne ~ Flamme Rouge

If you see us out on the road, (we'll be the ones smiling and enjoying our rides) remember to wave or say hello. Ignoring people isn't cool; doesn't matter how fast you are!

See you on the road, keep safe.

Be Good, Ride Hard, Suffer Well.


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