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Fortunately, I'm now at an age were I realise that I'm no longer young enough to know everything.

For the uninitiated, and maybe the entrenched, this section of the website provides guidance and information on all aspects of cycle racing that will help you become a fitter, faster, stronger rider.

Everything on this site is written in as plain a language as I can manage, to give as much information in an easy to understand format, without trying to be condescending, patronising or dumbing down.

Everything here is for the sole purpose of helping you to realise your true potential in the sport of cycling, no matter which discipline you choose.

Each month, or so, a new factsheet will appear. Some will be more technical than others but all will be relevant to:
increasing your understanding of performance cycling
what happens to your body in competition & training
why and when it will happen
increasing your performance
increasing your potential for performance
helping you become a better, faster, safer, rider
Whatever your status in the sport, from first year beginner to regional or national champion, there will probably be something to help you right here; we even get pro's reading and commenting on the site!

We no longer issue email updates, as we no longer hold private information of individuals.  So please pop back soon, or find and friend us on facebook, to see some of our "secret stuff"...

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