Equipe Flamme Rouge  

Road Race ~ Mont Cambrai

Course Description
The Mont Cambrai Circuit is on the south coast of the island and runs anti-clockwise. The Race HQ, is at the Vic in the Valley and the race finishes it's final lap at the top of the German Road.

From the start it heads steadily uphill north to Carrefour Selous. Turn left at the junction and head towards Six Rues, pass through the junction and keeping on the main road head all the way up to the yellow line at St Mary; the highest point of the course.

Take a left on to the main road and after a couple of hundred metres, left again at the next junction. You're now heading south and down St Peter's Valley.

 kat guillemot

Kat Guillemot putting the hurt on the boys
German Road finish line

Descend the winding valley, past the quarry and reservoir, until you come to Bel Royal School. Turn left in to La Rue de Haut and follow it around until you come to the foot of the 600 metre long climb of Mont Cambrai t ocomplete a lap.

On the final lap, turn left at the Vic in the Valley and  head up the German Road.  The finish line is just before the crest...

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