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Island Training Circuits


What are they?
These rides have been designed to help new, inexperienced and even experienced riders, progress to the next level of ability, endurance and speed, within their own timeframe and their own comfort levels.

Challenge yourself as much as you feel you can handle, by choosing the course most appropriate to your needs or ability. All courses have "bail out points" if you feel you've done enough for the day. Wherever you are, just take a right turn on one of the main roads and head back in to town! There's never any need to feel "stranded" on the wrong side of the island!

Rides are always easier when ridden in the company of others. So why not get some riding companions, of a similar ability, to complete each course in turn. Stay together, encourage each other, and enjoy the journey.

How did I do?
Once you've ridden the circuit, why not open a Strava account? You track your progress through logging your data with your GPS device or smartphone, then upload your results to their site. Join Equipe Flamme Rouge (it's all free) and compare your results to those of other riders within the island.

Course Description
The timed sections of these courses all start on the road, from The Sugar Basin, at La Haule Slip. This removes the influence of the numerous traffic lights on The Avenue and prevents people from riding faster than is appropriate on the cycle track.

However you get there is up to you, but the Strava Routes don't start until just after the Sugar Basin Cafe in St Aubin and mostly finish at the Steam Clock. If you've driven to the start, you can take the cycle track all the way from the Steam Clock back to your car, without having to cycle down The Avenue.

The Five Circuits

2* Randonee Circuit

3* Corto Fondo Circuit

4* Medio Fondo Circuit

5* Gran Fondo
Jersey's Own Circle of Death
Here's the Rapha Circle of Death video...

Coming Soon...

1* Family Ride


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