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Road Race ~ Jersey Town Crit

Course Description
The start is in the heart of St Helier, just outside the Town Hall and in front of the Cenotaph. The first corner takes a very tight right, in to Union Street, and has a traffic island to be negotiated on its exit. You'll pass the Civil Service main building and Magistrate's Courts on your way to the second turn. Which you can't actually take, under normal circumstances, as it's a one way street.

Carry on until you reach Bean Around The World Coffee Shop, and take a sharp right in to Halkett Place. Pass the Central Market and head up the slight incline between the States' Building and the highest point of the circuit. Take a "ninety" right at the T-junction but be careful as the camber falls away on the exit and this is the scene of many accidents in the wet.

Drop down Hill Street, past the Parish Church, over the speed bumps, and a sharp right on to the Esplanade. As you pass the front of the Pomme D'Or Hotel, before you know it, you're taking another right in to Conway Street and are heading back in to the heart of town over more infernal "raised sections of carriageway".

Graham Briggs & Malcolm Elliot
A CandiTV One, Two... Photo ~ Sam Goulding

At Library Place, turn left in to Broad Street and pass the Post Office, then bear right at Charring Cross' Giant Toad, for the final run in to the line. Hop over the raised road in York Street and try to stay on the bike to complete the lap. And repeat...

Or instead of reading all of the above, you can just watch Alistair Cann's on bike footage below...

If you wan to ride the course; instead of trying to go down the one way Halkett Place, take the next right turn 30 metres away, Cattle Street, then take another right to get you back on course.


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