Equipe Flamme Rouge  

Retired ~ Trinity Prolouge

Course Description
As simple and as difficult as it gets. Just right of centre, from the bottom of the island, uphill to the top, turn around and comeback down.

We used to start at the very bottom of the climb, as this was a huge laundry to service the hotel trade here in Jersey and had plenty of space. When it became a supermarket they became precious about their car park. So we moved the start up and around the corner a 100 metres, to Balmoral Close, where the road widens. Everyone's happy.

Leave the start and choose your gear wisely as there's no respite until you get to Trinity Garage, where there's a slight easing off and a short dip outside the Parish School. But all this does is add to the misery, as you now have to climb even further to get past the Royal Horticultural Grounds and the turn at the Parish Church.

Ride as far as you can go, right to the junction. Do a u-turn after the yellow line and head back down the way you came, to whence you came and feel the speed as your legs come back to life. It certainly is a TT of two halves.

Road bike, skin suit, no bottle, and TT, so no helmet either.

 White bar tape, just like the pro's. But pink?
Also, notice how little seatpost we had exposed back in the day...



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