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Central Circuit ~ Pro 14.7k 5 Intervals

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The Central Circuits are designed to give you a compact, simple, yet challenging variety of options depending on how you configure them.

If you want a brisk, high intensity workout on the way home from work, just choose the circuit that best suits your needs. 

To give a more through workout at the weekend, just form a loop, or "lap" them to get the volume, duration and intensity you require.  They are an excellent workout to prepare for local racing, a foreign sportive or an endurance charity event.

As an "add-in loop", to a week-end endurance ride, they are a perfect event simulation (or replacement) workout.  Once the season is under way, just use any of the circuits as a mid-week, high intensity, low volume, race pace, top up. 

In Jersey we are blessed by having "everything" within five miles of our door.  I'm sure wherever you are in the world, if you look hard enough, you should be able to recreate a similar concept in your own "playground" of choice.

Follow The Rules...
You are totally responsible for your own actions.  Ensure your bike is in tip-top condition, keep your head up at all times, have regard for other road users and never go faster than the speed in which you can clearly see to stop in.  Ride safe, give it a hundred percent, and have fun.

Course Description
The Pro Circuit is similar to the Elite Circuit, but with the added challenge of Mont Cambrai added to the start.  It's a cut down version of our larger, and more demanding, Central Champ circuit.  It's ideal as a pre-event leg stretcher, to test yourself and your bike! 

It's 14.7 km's long and can be done and dusted in less than an hour (if you live in town), including warm up and cool down.

To start you need to get yourself to Bel Royal School, by taking the first right turn off St Peter's Valley, heading for the Little Grove.  Keep going until you reach the big white wall, at Kinkaid Gardens, which signifies your left turn onto Mont Cambrai.

Head up the twisting climb, over the crest, and keep going until you reach the yellow line at the junction.  Once on the St Lawrence main road, prepare to take the first left down Rue de la Ville Emphrie.  This brings you to the War Tunnels, take a left at the foot of the descent and head back to the valley.  At the yellow line turn right and head for "The Vic".

At the Vic in the Valley pub, take the right fork, just as the road swings 90 degrees left, and begin your next segment by heading up the best training climb in the island, The German Road.

Turn left at the top of the climb and push hard, all the way along the narrow false flat until you get to the old Living Legend.

From there it's sharp right, sharp left, to descend back in to St Peter's Valley.  At the yellow line, turn right and head out, and up, the valley towards St Mary.

The next segment starts at the fork in the road where the Fantastic Tropical Gardens used to be (ask your parents) and goes all the way up St Peter's Valley, around the corner at the top of the hill, and pushes all the way up the false flat, until you get to the road sign with the cow on it!

At the end of this segment, recover and take the left fork to St Mary's Church.  At the yellow line, take the left and head for The Windmill, but take the first left before it.  You're now on the Grande Route de Augerez and the start of the Moulin Rouge s segment.


Carry on this main road until you hit the small crossroads immediately before the St Peter's main road.  Take a left and head down the steep Les Routers descent, back in to St Peter's Valley.  Turn right at the yellow line and head towards and beyond "The Vic".

You're now on the last segment of the ride, the Echapee Tesson, which unsurprisingly runs all the way to the Tesson Mill.

That's it, short and sweet.  Job done, go home, rest, recover and prepare for your target event.

Or if you fancy a more strenuous session, take a left at the school and do another lap, or two.  But if you can do three laps, then maybe you should be trying the Champ option? 

There are five significant EFR ~ Intervals on this course...

Segment 1 climbs the challenging Mont Cambrai ~ 2:30 mins
Segment 2 ascends the steady German Road Climb ~ 3:30 mins
Segment 3 climbs out of St Peter's Valley ~ 2:25 mins
Segment 4 screams down La Grande Route de Augerez ~ 2:00 mins
Segment 5 runs from St Peter's Valley to Tesson Mill ~ 3:00 mins

flamme rouge pro

Who's it for?
This course is a nice challenging, but not overly so, circuit for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. 

If your a "racer" it's a good leg-loosener before a weekend competition, or a leg-stretcher, mid-week, to blow away the cob webs.  And of course you can add laps to make it a difficult as you want it to be.

If you're not in the island, obviously you can get the drift of what we are trying to achieve. You just need to find a course near you that allows you to replicate the concept of what we are trying to achieve.

What Next?
If you're looking for something a little more challenging, we have the Central Circuit Champ Pro to test your mettle.

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