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Roller Coaster ~ Elite 8k 88m

All the Roller Coaster Circuits start and finish on the outskirts of the centre of St Helier.  They are designed to give you a compact circuit in which to test and develop your climbing ability, speed endurance, and top end cruising speed, all within a simple, extendable, safe route.

If you want a brisk, high intensity workout during the lunch hour, or on the way home from work, just choose the circuit that best suits your needs.  And if you have time, add a second loop, to simulate a long sportive type climb after heavy bout of speed.

As an "add-in loop", to a week-end endurance ride, they are a perfect event simulation workout.  Once the season is under way, just use any of the circuits as a mid-week, high intensity, low volume, race pace, top up. 

In Jersey we are blessed by having "everything" within five miles of our door.  I'm sure wherever you are in the world, if you look hard enough, you should be able to recreate a similar concept in your own "playground" of choice.

Follow The Rules...
You are totally responsible for your own actions.  Ensure your bike is in tip-top condition, keep your head up at all times, have regard for other road users and never go faster than the speed in which you can clearly see to stop in.  Ride safe, give it a hundred percent, and have fun.

Course Description
The Roller Coaster  Elite Circuit is the shortest of our climbing/speed circuits, but isn't any less challenging for that.  As a mid-week workout, it's ideal as a pre-event leg stretcher, to test yourself and your bike!  Or you can just use it to rid yourself of the frustrations of the working day... 

It's 8 km's long and contains 88 metres of continuous climbing.  Quite a lot for Jersey!  A "double lap" can be done and dusted in less than an hour (if you live in town), including warm up and cool down.

To start you need to get yourself to the Robin Hood junction and and head for Trinity Hill.  The segment begins just after the junction for Vallee de Vaux, as the hill begins to steepen. 

Push on up the climb as hard as you can until you get to the Oakland's Lodge.  From there, keep the power on but ride at your speed-endurance threshold all the way to Trinity Garage and beyond.

roller elite

Take the first left after the garage and head around and past the Pallot Steam Museum, to come out at Queens Road.  Be careful at the yellow line. 

At the junction take a left and head back in to town down the Cannonball Run Elite.  Blast through Sion and back towards St Helier, to finish at the hotel just before Queens Road Roundabout.

If you're in a recovery week, that's it, game over.  Job done, go home, rest, recover and prepare for your target event.

If you're in your training phase, take another lap or add a lap of on of the other circuits Pro or Champ as an added challenge.

There are two significant EFR ~ Segments on this course...

Segment 1 Oaklands Push; Initial Trinity Climb ~ 3:30 mins
Segment 2 Cannonball ChaElite ~ Lower section Queens Road ~ 4:30 mins

roller coaster eliite
Who's it for?
This course is challenging, but not overly so, for anyone with a reasonable level of fitness. 

If your a "racer" it's a good leg-loosener before a weekend competition, or a leg-stretcher, mid-week, to blow away the cob webs.  And of course you can add laps to make it a difficult as you want it to be.

If you're not in the island, obviously you can get the drift of what we are trying to achieve. You just need to find a course near you that allows you to replicate the concept.

What Next?

If you fancy a more strenuous session, upon finishing the Elite Circuit, why not try the Pro or Champ versions. 

Why not bag all three in one ride? 

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