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Course Description
Found on the north of the island, Rozel Harbour sits at the base of the valley leading out to sea. There are two steep. long climbs out of, and two very fast descents in to Rozel.

For the last ten years, we've been measuring our VO2max capabilities on this climb as the final part of our infamous Classics Circuit. It starts just behind the houses on the far left of the photo and heads up the valley beyond. It's a definitely a climb of three halves!

You start the segment as soon as you come out of the village and on to the climb. The first kilometre averages around 10%, stings the legs and should be treated with the respect it deserves; don't go in to the red too soon.


As you reach La Tourelle, it breaks in to 500 metres of false flat that encourages you to get it in the big gears, pick up speed and bring the legs to 99% lactate capacity. But you feel good, so you crack on!

Then, as you reach the Trinity Parish "utility sheds" it kicks up again and kicks you in the teeth. It's only around 5%, but when you're at 99% pain threshold it's enough to put you in severe distress. Never have 500 metres felt so hard. The fact that you can see the French coast, is little consolation!

As you round the corner at the top of the climb you hit the junction and the segment finish. Keep straight on and by time you get your vision and breath back you're at the Wildlife Conservation Trust. That dreadful noise you can hear is either the Howling Monkeys at feeding time, or me still coming up the climb.

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