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Road Race ~ Watersplash Circuit

Course Description
The Watersplash Circuit is on the west coast of the island and runs anti-clockwise along St Ouen's Bay, before climbing Jubilee Hill. For local races it normally, runs to the main road at St Peter's Village before turning left and running across the top of the island; although an earlier, easier to marshal, turn-off is sometimes used for international races.

Flamme Black & White.../

 A young flamme rouge, Watersplash, first corner on to Jubilee Hill.
March 1986, Hairnet helmet, Oakley Pilots, Downshifters, Sweat band!
The first season without toe straps, using new fangled clipless pedals...

The route passes St Ouen's Parish Hall then takes a "safety loop" at Six Boules, to pick up and drop down Hydrangea Avenue, returning to the bay. Depending on the organising club, it either finishes with a sprint at "The Watersplash" or continues for a Jubilee Hill-top finish, alongside the airport. The start is usually in the same place as the finish.


As you can imagine, it's always windy as there's nothing to get in the way of the incoming weather. If you were to swim out to sea, the next thing you would hit is the Gulf of St Lawrence 4000 kms, 2500 miles, away...

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