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Just like you, I dearly value, my free time and weekends, and attempt do all my work from Monday to Friday, where I spend far too much time at a computer or desk.  But it's for a good cause.

We help an awful lot of people around the world with their training programmes, season structures and general advice on equipment, power profiles, and the the like.  Sometimes, we just answer questions for cyclists, where the information they need can't be found elsewhere.

So, we get a lot of email. Normally around a hundred messages a day, even more over the weekends as training files, results and schedule tweak requests come in.   

Our programmes are structured to allow the athlete to pre-decide on the amount of communication interaction they require, and our fees are set accordingly.  It's important that everyone gets a fair share of my time, and there are many that require it, but alas, there is only one of me. 

Although I endeavour to reply to every email, with the incoming volume and the structure of our programmes, there have to be priorities.  So here's how our communications policy works...

Communication Response Hours
Normal email response hours are the first three hours of every working day, Monday to Friday.  If schedules allow, and there's a backlog, I'll spend five hours clearing it.  If I'm here, I'll crack on over the weekend, rather than watch anything that is a soap opera or reality TV.

But if Liverpool are playing, it all stops for two hours, and if there's a Grand Tour on, well...

Communication Modalities
The above title is a posh way of saying, how we'll communicate with you!  It's just to show I know some big words!

commspolAll our communications, unless face to face,
will be by email.
 Because it's free.  Our quality, value-driven coaching is kept this way through keeping our admin costs at a minimum.  By all means you can call us, and I love to chat, but if I call you, on your mobile (from our little island), it can cost me more than the value of your month's coaching. 

Now, I've explained it, I'm sure you'll understand and agree it makes sense for all of us, if we keep
costs down and value up.

New Programme/Manual Requests
All new requests are dealt with as soon as they come to my attention; generally within 24 hours.  I'm not always sitting at my desk or computer, sometimes I'm out on the road.  Not always, just sometimes...

Champ Coaching Communications
Highest priority response, one interaction per week.  Aiming to reply within two working days; 24 to 48 hours.  All "Champ emails" go in a stack, and are answered on a first in, first out basis. 

I'm afraid we don't have the capacity, or imply, that we can analyse four or five individual training sessions per rider, per week.  We do analyse multiple power files, looking for trends, but only once per week per rider. 

Programme changes for this level are made as and when necessary.

Only when "Champ emails" are cleared, do we move on to the "Pro emails"...

Pro Coaching Communications
Next priority response, one interaction per month.  Aiming to reply within three working days; 48 to 72 hours.  All "Pro emails" go in a stack, and are answered on a first in, first out basis.

We can analyse multiple power files, within the programme, looking for trends, but only once per month. 

Programme changes for this level are made based on the information from power files, heart rate figures or illness.

Only when "Pro emails" are cleared, do we move on to the "Elite emails"...

Elite Coaching Communications
Although our value driven, Elite Coaching Service offers no direct or scheduled coach interaction (it's how we keep our prices affordable for the weekend warriors) we will answer any questions we can,.  But I'm afraid it may take at least three working days or more, to get back to you.  But we will get back to you.

All "Elite emails" go in a stack, and are answered on a first in, first out basis.  It's very rare that these ever get cleared!  There's always a never ending stack of fifty or so, pending my attention!

Performance & Value Driven Policies
We are here for the riders who are passionate for, committed to, and intoxicated by, this most beautiful of sports, but can't justify the costs of a full-blown, £100 ($150) per month on-line coach.

Our communications support reflects our value driven pricing.  We save on administration but never compromise the quality of our programmes, our advice, or our commitment to you the athlete. 

Time?  We never have enough.  But what we have we share entirely with you, but always save a little bit each week for our family, our friends, and our sanity...

I'm sure you'll all understand; we do the best we can with what we have.

Be Good, Ride Hard, Suffer Well.

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