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Climbageddon 15 ~ 57k/1100m

climbageddon 15

The flamme rouge Climbageddon Routes are, along with the Classics Circuits, legendary amongst the Jersey cycling community; often copied but never equalled

These rides have evolved since their first running in 2003, and draw the biggest attendences of any of our rides.

Here we have the second of our three, pre-season, Green/Amber/Red week climbing sessions and the epic Climbageddon 100 ride that saw me lead the Rapha Rising Challenge in 2012.

Ease in to them and enjoy them.  Keep your head up at all times and ride safely, especially on the descents.


Climbageddon 15 ~ Strava Page...

Climbageddon 15 Route ~ Amber
However you choose to get there, ensure you have a good warm up, then head for Bel Royal School and the foot of Mont Cambrai.

Climb Cambrai, gently (it's going to be a long ride), and when you get to the top take a left and head down Rue Ville L'Emphrie towards the War Tunnels.  Get back in to St Peter's Valley and head back for Cambrai, but taking the left turn before the bus stop that takes you up the hideous, Blanche Pierre climb.   At the top, ride to the end of the lane, then turn left to go back down Rue Ville L'Emphrie for a second time.

When you get back to the valley main road, turn left and head for the German Road, driving all the way to the Living Legend.  Again, drop back in to the valley take a right then immediate left, to head up Mont Les Routers and go straight across the junction at the top.

Head for, and descend, Mont Mathieu taking a left at the base until you get to Jubilee Hill, which you climb.  At the top, take a left and cut through the back of the houses, back to Croix de Lion.  Where you take a left to descend Mont Mathieu again.

This time, turn right at the base of Mathieu and use the inner road to Hydrangea, but this time you're going to climb the Battle of Flowers hill.  At the top, take the left to head down La Rue de Bonne Femme!  The road of the good girl! 

Take care on the descent and head down Mont Heulin, turning left, to pick up and climb Hydrangea, riding all the way to the Parish Hall.  You've now reached the half-way mark and can take a "breather".

You now head across the top of the island to take on part two, so get a drink and some food down you.

Go past the Windmill and turn right before St Mary's Parish Church, through the 20 mph zone, following the road until you get to St John's Parish Church, where you turn left to hit the north coast.

Next up, at the side of the quarry, is Fremont, follow the road to the left until you get to the yellow line, where you turn left, then right, to hit the super steep descent on to the exit of Bonne Nuit.  Turn right here, to go up the hill but taking the Mont Mado route up Rue des Barraques, this combination is known as Demi Bonne Nuit.

At the top of Mont Mado head for Les Platons.  Take the back road in to, and climb out of Bouley Bay. Then use the back roads from the top of Bouley Bay to Rozel.  Descend in to Rozel and at the harbour entrance, take a left to climb White Rock.

Go up and around the rock, dropping back in to the harbour, to climb out of Rozel on the steep side.

From the top of Rozel, head down in to Fliquet and climb out, taking a left at the top to go towards St Catherine's.  Descend Gibraltar and go straight across the road to the millenium cross.  Turn left at the cross and head up Archirondel, all the way to the yellow line.

Turn right at the junction to descend down St Catherin's Hill.  Go around the "rock", come back out, and ride straight back up St Catherine's Hill, to complete your route. 

Well done, 57 kilometres and around 1100 metres of climbing with a Strava Suffer Rating of "Extreme!"

The Climbs Are...

Mont Cambrai, ~ Blanche Pierre ~ German Road ~ Les Routeurs

 Jubilee ~ Battle of Flowers ~ Hydrangea

Fremont ~ Demi Bonne Nuit ~ Bouley Bay ~ White Rock

Rozel ~ Fliquet ~ Archirondel ~ St Catherine's

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