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Time Trial ~ La Mare Ten

Course Description
This St Clement based course takes place on the south-east coast of the island. It starts opposite the event meeting place, which is the public car park on the sea front at La Mare.

To the uninitiated, this seems an out and back course. As you'll see from the image below, it's anything but. You head, south, east, north, north-east, then return to do the opposite. If there is a breath of wind on this course, it will find you.

Leave the start and head to the UK's most southerly point at Samares. Hug the coast for five lumpy miles until you get to Grouville. Just as you get to the Gorey Common car park, at the marshal turn around at the tight turn, and repeat the route back to the start.

UK Youth Rider, Richard Tangy at the turn.  Photo ~ John Ovenden

Told you the turn was tight!
UK Youth rider Richard Tanguy. Photo ~ John Ovenden

Don't expect the headwind you had on the way out to turn in to a tail wind on the way back. It won't! And keep your head up at all times, I've estimated there to be over five hundred driveways, junctions and collision opportunities on this course. Stay alert!

There are three significant EFR ~ Segments on this course...

Segment 1 runs out from the start to the turn at Grouville
Segment 2 runs in from the turn back to the finish line at Le Mare
Segment 3 covers the final kilometre to the finish

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