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FAQ ~ FTP 85% v FTP Programme

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George de Souza
beating his 5:00 target time for Ride London!

The 85% FTP effort recommendation (on the Drills Pages), prepares the body for expanding FTP as part of a structured programme of pre-season build. 

This method  increases mitochondria density, plasma volume and tickles all the metabolites and enzymes in to line to aid future progression.  This method of preparation allows things to happen in the long term.

The FTP Programme sessions bring FTP in to shape by forcing it beyond it's current limits.

Obviously, one method is more "stressful" than the other, but both have their place.

Early in the year it's best to use the former as it's gentler and leads to a sustainable progression when used in conjunction with other training sessions and requirements.

Use the latter after the spring, when the prerequisites are generally in place and the body is more able to cope with the added stresses.

WWhen used, in conjunction with other carefully selected sessions, the dedicated FTP Programme brings spectacular results by taking you quickly, and controllably, closer to your potential.

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