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FAQ ~ Cadence & Legspeed

I find it easier to bang out big watts at low rpm, why are you asking me to increase my cadence?

Very simply put (without getting too heavy) 300 watts at 75 rpm uses more muscular endurance and less anaerobic effort to produce that power than 300 watts at 105 rpm.  Which uses more of the anaerobic system and less muscular effort to produce that exact same power.

The first is very effective and the second is very efficient. The first comes naturally and the second comes with work and perseverance.

In the old days we used to ride a 52 chainring, with a six speed block and spun the pedals like the motor of a sewing machine. 

Since the introduction of the 53 x 11 people have become conditioned (through the vagaries of the manufacturers) to pushing big gears.  So that's what we all do.

I still fit a 52 to all my bikes and lose the 53 at the earliest opportunity.

If you can stick with the high cadence, or try to add just one rev per month you will notice significant gains come the season.  Because one day you'll be pushing the current 95 rpm gear at 105 rpm.  You'll then be producing 350 watts, with ease, and will be flying.

Don't get too hung up on it though, you'll find your own natural rhythm. I'm still trying to get my "spinning legs back" after doing my Ventoux ride! It seems like my 140 rpm sprinting days are over!!!!

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