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Roubaix VelodromeFirst we need to get the semantics out of the way.

Although everything in this section refers to testing, they're not really tests; they are Performance Evaluations.  We use them to analyse and validate the effectiveness of your previous training, or to establish a baseline for future performance improvements.

All feedback is positive; you will either prove your prior training has returned a quantifiable performance improvement, or your progress is flattening off.  In which case you need to evolve your training programme to get you to the next level of performance.

There is no pass or fail.  All the information gained from these evaluations will help you become a fitter, faster, stronger rider. There is absolutely nothing to lose and everything to be gained.

What does it cost?
All of our "standard" performance evaluations cost £25. The Lactate Ramp Test, uses a whole lot more test strips, will cost around £50.
Take a look at what each option provides, by selecting the test of your choice from the right hand menu.

What do I get?
A performance evaluation test takes 90 minutes of your time and three hours of mine.

For less than the cost of a tub of energy drink, each flamme rouge Performance Evaluation gives you a 14 page outcome specific physiological analysis and report to help you focus on training specific improvement areas.  You also get to see where you fit in to the "big picture" and what you need to do to keep your place or move up to the next division.

You also get to suffer well for six minutes...

30 second video taken at five minutes in, with one minute to go
Dr Richard Worth giving it 100%

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