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FAQ ~ Tempo Ten Pace

Why are my 10 minute Tempo Session ridden at higher than my current Tempo Pace?

For the Tempo Sessions, you have to develop your tempo physiology by riding at just above "Tempo Speed".

If you ride within your tempo range for ten minutes, the required physiological markers and metabolism are not kicked in to life. Your body doesn't have enough time to "come alive" and become developed.

So, Tempo Development pace is ridden at 112% of the median of your Tempo range.

If your FTP (60 minute wattage) was 100 watts your Tempo range would be 75-90 watts & your median would 82 watts.

Your 10 minute Tempo Development Pace is 112% of your median pace...

82w x 1.12 = 92 watts.

If you can ride 100 watts for an hour, then 92 watts for ten minutes should be enough to garner a training response but shouldn't prove overly demanding.

If it is, then your FTP wattage is too high.

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