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Block Intervals ~ Where do I pitch it?

The beauty of these sessions is you can't even guess as to what the output will be.

That's because it's all about lactate metabolism, pain perception, and that close your eyes, hang-on, gung-ho, do-or-die attitude that makes us racers!

As you can see from my session above, this is obviously just one four minute effort;

Blue ~ Speed, Red ~ Heart Rate, Green ~ Power, Purple ~ Cadence

started off around 105 rpm in a 53 x 17, at 270 w,

ended up at around 92 rpm in a 53 x 14, at 320 w

It is what it is, and it's impossible to specify wattages as you can see from the sporadic, but rising green power line.

This simulates that last lap of a crit, the final run in of a road race or sportive, and the last 2 k of a time trial. 

For me, personally, it's pointless specifying a wattage to hold because my eyes are closed for the last two minutes of these efforts!!!!

As long as you just get to the end of each effort, and can recover before the next one starts, then you've done it right.

Because these efforts are so short and variable, they don't relate at all to FTP or 20 minute power.  But they have a massive influence on it come the month end.

So do them with commitment, fight the urge to give up and back off, and if you think you have to, count backwards from ten before you do.  When you get to one; give it just one more count of ten and keep surprising yourself...

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