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FAQ ~ Block Intervals Gearing

block intervals

Where it says "BIG RING X" and then numbers in the A, B, C, and R columns (in the "BLOCK INTERVALS" work out), what do the numbers in the A, B, C, and R columns represent?

gearsPut it the big ring on the front chain set, and get in the gear closest to the programme number at the back.

You may have an 11 tooth gear as your smallest cog, the next will be a 12, then 13, and so on. 

So choose a gear mid-way up the block in the big ring, and each minute knock it in to a gear harder, so you end up closer to the smaller gears at the end of the effort. 

Then during the recovery phase, go back up the block to the easier gear, and get ready to go again.

As each week passes, you start in a gear harder, and end up in a gear harder, so you have to hang on more! 

If you're on the road, be careful, keep your head up.  If you're on the turbo, you can close your eyes and hang on for the last minute!!!!


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