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Do I Need a Coach?

Paris Roubaix ~ Arenberg Forest

Bradley Wiggins, Mark Cavendish, Lizzie Armistead and Jens Voigt; none of them have ever used our flamme rouge Coaching Services.

Neither did any of these outstanding athletes reach the peak of their physical abilities through natural talent alone.

Throughout their careers they received constant help, guidance, mentoring and support from teams of dedicated, trusted advisors.

A select band of professionals and artisans who offered them clear, objective, impartial guidance on their subjective, physical and emotional needs.

Champions don't become champions on natural ability, latent talent and hard work alone.

Champions are supported by equally, but diversely talented, people working very hard behind the scenes to make sure that all the things that are meant to happen, happen when they are meant to happen.

As with most things in life, timing is everything.

If we know where we are now; know where we want to be, and when we have to be there, then doing the right things in the right order, at the right time, will produce the right results.

Despite our best intentions, sometimes life's little challenges, jobs, families, other riders (club runs?), get in our way.

It's as much use being the fittest, fastest, strongest rider the week after the championships, as it is the week before. The upset, the pain and the result remain the same. Close, but no cigar!

A SMART goal, a coach you trust, and a structured training programme, can all help you attain your sporting ambitions without the anguish of having to sit down with a blank sheet of paper and asking "what now?".

Life is too hard, and your time is too precious for you to have to sit down and worry about planning your cycling training. Why not let us take the pain, and time, of planning away from you? You should be out there doing what you do best, riding your bike!


The Gunsite Grupetto on Weekend Maneuvers

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