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Garmin FIT Files ~ Loading


Have a Garmin Unit?

Drop & Go...
If you have a Garmin Head Unit, you can just drop our programme files directly in to your unit and use your Garmin to instruct you, step-by-step,  through the session of the day.


Cascades ~ devilishly simple, but exactly how long was that last effort?

With each flamme rouge Performance Programme you receive a collection of Garmin session files, and their variants, contained within one ZIP file.

The files have been created in Garmin Connect.  All you need to do is drop the ".fit" files in to your unit's "workouts" folder.  Select, from the "Training" icon, the session file that's relevant to your day's workout; press "start" then follow the on screen instructions from the unit.

Loading Files From Your Email
zipWhen you get your programme email, there will normally be three files included.  Two programme files (one in MS Excel, the other in PDF) and a ZIP file, with your programme's name.

Before proceeding, please read these instructions to the end.  Don't be tempted to follow on screen, line by line.  Read them to the end, then begin the process.   Trust me, it will save tears and tantrums later...

Plug your Garmin Unit in to the USB port of your computer.  Open your file explorer, select your Garmin, then depending on your model, select Garmin> Workouts...

folder empty

Open the email, and click on the ZIP file.  Your computer, in another window, should automatically open the single ZIP file and show all the Garmin FIT files within it. 

Get the windows next to each other on your screen.

zip file

Place your mouse, over any of the files in the ZIP window and press "CTRL A" on your keyboard of "right click" and "Select All" from the menu.

select all

Simply drag the files with your mouse to the open Garmin> Garmin> Workouts folder and you're as good as done.

garmin transfer

Once the files have copied across; close the ZIP window, then close the Garmin window

Remove the Garmin from the USB connection.

Part Two
Switch on your Garmin.
Select (depending on model) "Menu".  Select "Training".  Select "Workouts", and all your sessions will be there.

Choose the "session of the day" then let the screen keep you informed of when to go and when to rest!  Simples...


Dr Richard Worth; suffering well, in "the zone"...

Now you can now concentrate on your efforts, and even close your eyes, without having to scribble notes down everywhere and get sweat all over your programme, laptop or ipad. 

Isn't technology marvelous...?

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