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Athlete Ability Gap Analysis


Our flamme rouge Ability Gap Analysis document has been specifically designed to help you get the best out of yourself, and your available training time, no matter what your cycling discipline. 

Who's it for...?
If you have an event or challenge coming up, or just want to play with some numbers to figuratively display and quantify where you can improve as a rider, then here's your first port of call. 

fatbike champ

Kirk Graham
2014 Winter Rush fatbike Champion

How it works...
Devilishly simple, you just enter (between 0-10) the perceived numbers for the physiological adaptations, skills, or abilities, you think you need to meet your challenge.

Next you enter the numbers you think you currently have for the identified attributes. 

The AGA will then generate a spidergram to demonstrate where you need to be (blue) and where you now are (red).  It highlights which areas need the most improvement and in one fell swoop clearly demonstrates to you where your training time can be best spent.

Maximise your training investment by concentrating on the identified areas, and don't waste valuable time working on developing attributes you are already good at. 

We all do stuff we like; climbers climb, sprinters sprint.  Imagine how good you would be if you worked on, and became just five percent better at something you didn't like doing? 

Train your weaknesses, race your strengths.

The AGA can't make your training any easier, but it can give you all the information and support you need to help you target your training in a more professional and business-like manner. 

If you would like your free Ability Gap Analysis Document, just email us by clicking here and we'll send one to you by return.

What you get...
An ingenious spreadsheet that you can play with until your heart's content.  All you then have to do is go away and work out how to change the numbers on the page in to reality.  Or choose one of our programmes from the list on the right.

That's where the real suffering starts!

What it costs...
Nothing, it's as free as the air that you breath.  All that will happen is (unless you already subscribe) we will add you to our monthly factsheet mailing list.  Here's our Privacy Policy should you wish to view it.


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