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The Suffervals ~ Elite

tommy atlanta

Tommy Freckman ~ Attacking the bunch with 8 laps to go!
 Taking an AMP series win in Atlanta using the "Suffervals Method"

When & Why?
Use this session to develop your efficiency and effectiveness in race winning attacks, jumping gaps or banging out a PB's for a 10 mile TT.  It's also a killer cyclo cross session.

As with all our sessions, it's not for the faint-hearted.   This is a serious session, to take you to the next level.  You need to have done some SH1TS or VO2max Devs before these.  You can not just jump in to these, you won't get the full benefit.  You need to do your prep work.

Believe it or not, there are other variants (Pro & Champ) that are harder!

On the road or turbo, the choice is yours.  A big flat, windless straight road is best.  Can be done on rollers, but needs to be in big gears.

Take thirty seconds, to build up to your FTP wattage or pace and hold; after two minutes go to EFR Pace (CP 20), then after another two minutes go to VO2max pace.  At the end of six minutes, take a three minute recovery before going again.

After two efforts, take a five minute recovery, then repeat for two more efforts.  In total you do four, six minute intervals, interspersed with a three, five and three minute recovery period.  

The Warm Up Warning
All interval sessions, especially this one, require a thorough and proper warm up...

Once thoroughly warmed up and at "race pace" readiness, undertake the following session.

 Session Description

2 minutes at FTP Pace
2 minutes at EFR Pace
2 minutes at VO2max Pace
3 minutes recovery
2 minutes at FTP Pace
2 minutes at EFR Pace
2 minutes at VO2max Pace
5 minutes recovery

▼  Repeat the above
Session Timings

Warm up       10 minutes
Effort             24 minutes
Recovery      11 minutes
Cool down      5 minutes
Total Time     50 minutes

Session Schematic


And when you've done the above, you might be able to do the below...

tommy win

Tommy Freckman ~ Top Step!
AMP series win in Atlanta Georgia

The Self Coach Manual...

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Shortly after recieving your programme request, we will send you a return email requesting your physiological details. To manage expecxtations, this is not an automated process, so could take an hour or two.

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