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Trophee Passion 1 ~ Le Six Bourgoise

Trophee Passion 2011

Here we are, Round 1 of the Trophee Passion.  My season long journey for notoriety, and finally trying to finish something I've started. 

Please don't mention the list of outstanding "house jobs" that are a "work in progress".

Well it beats signing on in a gymnasium...

Unfortunately the week before we were due to leave, Meg our team mascot had a seizure and remained on her sickbed, unable to eat or drink.

Dianne, stayed behind to comfort the stricken creature, so this was to be a long, lonely, quiet journey on my own. 

Les Six Bourgeois 2011

Ready for the off; arm warmers or not?

My Weekend
Without the company of the woman you love it's just not the same; so here's a VERY condensed version of what happened!

▼  Caught the boat
▼  Went to Calais
▼  Signed on in the magnificent Town Hall
▼  Raced, dodged a huge crash, got hit by a flying bike
▼  Hung on, got dropped, got back on
▼  Shelled out on final climb
▼  Came in fourth (alone), went home

A good morning's work done, it's a six hour drive back home, all alone, no one to laugh, chat, share things with, have your chocolate stolen by.  It's not the same and I didn't enjoy it as much as I would, could or should have...

Not the most inspiring parcours you'll ever ride but nice countryside when you got there. 

Hotel was a little naff, but then it's what you'd expect and the organisation for a first attempt wasn't too shabby but the marshaling could of been better.

At the end of the race, in the finishing straight, is a disused level crossing that has three inch gaps across it and a huge drop off in it. 

Even to me (who likes a little adventure), it's an accident waiting to happen.  Should really be sorted but what can you do?

Next round will see us at the Ble D'or, a race I finished 9th in last year.  Team Mascot is back on her "wobbly" feet, so bring it on... 


name that tune...

Event Stats...      
Overall Distance 104 km Time Taken 3:08
Height Climbed Overall Position
Distance Climbed   Category Position 4th
Date April Country France
Entrants 300 Region Calais
Website Trophee Passion    

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