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Late Summer Sunshine for the Gunsite Gregarios
Grab some mates and go for a ride...

What are they?
Now I've been riding around this tiny island for almost 30 years, so know most of the roads, lanes and climbs. 

In the good old days, we used to ride around with our mates, hit a climb, try to hang on to your mates, then go home to watch Land of the Giants on TV.  All that's now changed...

With the advent of Strava, you ride around then for some reason the pace will pick up (could be anywhere) and it's not until; it's overt that you realise it was a Strava segment. 

Now, you get home from a two hour ride, download your Strava and power data and spend an hour and a half analysing it!  Still, it's better than what's on TV these days...

Strava Story
A few years back, some of our American contingent kept sending me links to their Strava files to check out their fitness and progression.  In those days it only held your last five rides and as no one else was riding with it, so it's use was limited. 

But I bought a Garmin and started to map the island, creating segments for the training routes I'd been using for the last fifteen years or so.  There were no segments around, so everywhere I went was a PB!

Then it exploded, with a vengeance.  Now you can come back from a two hour ride with over a 100 segments; most are, shall we say, of dubious value.  But just click "hide" and they disappear forever.

As time allows, I'll add to our collection here





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