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SRM Battery Change?


Jersey & Guernsey Residents Only
Although as reliable as a Swiss watch, the time will ultimately come when you need to change the battery in your SRM head unit or crank.

I've been doing this myself since my first unit in 2003.  If you have the ability and the resources, it's not an impossible task.  Not something you should try at home, but we can do it here for you, without having to send units back to the mainland or further afield.

We can change a battery here for less than the courier costs of sending it off island. 

Depending on stock holdings, we can turn a machine around in two working days.


As An Aside
Now you can see what a power meter looks like on the inside. Do not try this at home! This is a wireless SRM with Rotor Q Rings.

Very simply, the little greeny, yellowy squares you see at three, six and nine o'clock, (another is hidden at twelve) are the strain gauges that deflect ever so slightly when you pedal. They pass the torque info to the gubbins in the middle, which converts the signals in to a power reading. 

The two big silver things are the batteries and the two blue strips are the reed switches, activated by the magnet on your bottom bracket.  They count the cadence; torque multiplied by cadence equals power!

How Much?
Costs are dependent on the model, as some machines have one battery, others two.  We can quote before opening it up.  As mentioned above, it'll be cheaper than your off island and return postage and customs holdups.

If you change the batteries in a machine, or you remove the chain rings to clean or replace them, you will need to recalibrate your machine.

We can carry out that service also...

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