Equipe Flamme Rouge  

Season's First Win

After a successful winter programme of endurance work and base training our client went on to specialise in speed work, hills and intervals during the month of March. 

Using the patented flamme rouge method of chasing cars up Le Russeiux, returning to the bottom then going again, hills, speedwork  and intervals can all be covered in just one session.

After a 10 day taper and a special hi-carb diet of French tasty bites and pepperami, the first competition of the year was entered with cautious optimism.

A second, a first and a massive trophy, were just reward for all the early morning training and walks in the rain.  So there it is.  If you want to win a trophy that's half the size of you, all you have to do is chase cars up hills until exhaustion, chase as many cats as you can find (for top end speed) and sleep for sixteen hours a day.

If you need any extra advice don't be afraid to ask, but it'll probably cost you a Bonio.

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