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What do you buy the cyclist in your life that has everything from three different thicknesses of arm warmers to a £2000 power meter?   

giftClothing is so difficult, you just know that whatever you get is going to be the wrong colour/shade/size or last year's design. 

About the worst sin a gift purchaser can commit, is the ultimate sacrilege of getting Shimano kit for a Campag rider, or vice~versa.  Not a mistake you make twice, or are ever allowed to forget.  It'll be all round the club run before they get to the first coffee stop for their technical de-breif.   

The only thing the cyclist in your life is concerned with, apart from their undying love for you, is going faster.

For less than the price of a DVD you can make your cycling hero happier than an eight year old at Christmas.  Get them something guaranteed to make them faster, which means happier.  It will also give you a smug sense of satisfaction knowing that they'll be working harder on their bike than ever before.   

Currently we have four offerings, one of which (obviously) is local only!

Look through the selections below to see if there's something you, or the cyclist in your life, would like.  Select it from the drop down box, click the button and we'll do the rest. 

Don't worry, if the recipient thinks an FTP Programme would have been a better option than a Self Coach Manual. We can swap it any road round they like.   As long as everyone's happy that's all that matters...

What better love can someone have for their cyclist of choice, than gifting them grace, power and speed?

I would like to gift a...

A Self Coach Manual...
Our flamme rouge Self Coach Manual has sold around the world in it's hundreds.  For just £15, you can give your loved one a fifty five page manual, full of sessions, workouts, charts and graphs to help them, make themselves a fitter, faster, stronger rider. 

Get them the gift that just keeps on giving; pain mostly, but that's not your concern.  They'll love it!

An FTP Development Programme...
FTP (Functional Threshold Power) has become the acronym of choice for cyclists over the last few years. Although it's been around for ten or so, it's now breaking in to the mainstream.  All a cyclist worries about is how big it is! 

This is The Programme that can make it bigger.  Again, this is a programme that can be used over and over again.  Do a 20 minute ride, put in the magic number, follow the programme, go faster.  It really is as simple as that.  Speed in a box!

A Bespoke Performance Programme...
If your adopted cyclist has seen all the video's, read all the magazines, scoured the websites and tried all the "Train Like ..... (insert fallen hero of choice)" books, then perhaps it's time they had something designed entirely for them.  Something from and for the real world.

Within three to five days they could have a 12 week programme that will help them climb quicker, sprint faster or time trial stronger.  You buy the programme, let them choose the outcome.   Everyone's a winner. 

A Performance Evaluation...
For Jersey residents, although people have flown in from Guernsey, France and the UK in the past, this is your chance to help your cyclist compare themselves to the 500 others that have been tested over the last ten years, with their own wVO2max Performance Test.

30 second video taken at five minutes in, with one minute to go
Dr Richard Worth giving it 100% ~ Filmed in Painorama

Let them get some "Scores on the Doors" and see their VO2max, FTP, Maximal Aerobic Power, Threshold Power to Weight, and Blood Lactate; along with lung capacity, lung function, blood pressure, cycling economy and cadence/power ratios, etc, etc. 

Oh and they get a nice graph, photo (for the fridge door) and video to go with it!  For just twenty quid?  I know, it's a steal!

The Message
So there we are.  Four options for you to show your undying love to your two wheeled hero.  Cheaper than a tub of energy drink, but will make them go faster than a £1000 pair of carbon wheels.

If you're in any doubt as to which to choose, just email us and we can talk it through.

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