Equipe Flamme Rouge  

Slowvember ~ And so it begins...


Zone Two, with a little Zone Three
slowly building up; the first event is (at least) five months away...

Depart Time
~ Two groups leaving at 8:30 (& 8:32) sharp.

Ride Activity
Slowvember ~ Extending endurance rides as the month progresses.

Transitioning out of Slacktober we start to head in to the training season, which "officially" starts in December.  This is the preamble, the warm-up, the hors d'oeuvres, call it what you will.

This is one of the most important parts of your year.  Get this wrong and everything else that follows is compromised.

Nov 11th & 12th ~ Endurance Elite
Nov 16th & 18th ~ Endurance Pro
Nov 25th & 26thd ~ Endurance Champ  
Dec 2nd & 3rd  ~ Endurance Elite

eat and drink

remember to keep topped up with food and drink throughout the ride

The Route
The idea is to get to the top of the island as quickly as possible, and stay there, until the end, where we climb a little more.  All climbing should be done seated and slightly over-geared to build strength.

Each week we add a little mileage.  We're still not training as such, we're preparing for training. 

If, depending on your key objectives, you want or need to add further distance, go back to St Peter's, and repeat the first loops.  Don't add elevation, this is all about building endurance!

Zone Two, with structured forays in to Zone Three as we train the heart for what's to come later...

Remember, we're not racing, we're not training to race, we are building our aerobic and cardio capacity, encouraging fat burning and preparing to make ourselves more efficient, effective and economical.

Just stay as long or as little as you want or need.  Normal rules apply!

endurance rides

The distance and time in the graphic above does not include getting to and from the ride start and finish, so plan accordingly!

Click the map above to be taken to the route for each week's ride. 

Performance Level
Each week there will be two groups.  The Gregarios will leave at 8:20 and the Grupetto will follow ten minutes behind at 8:30.  If you miss the early one, just pick up the Grupetto.

The groups are identical, it's just to keep the road numbers manageable and keep people safe; and the Grupetto get an extra ten minutes in bed!

Upcoming Ride Weather

Bucks Fizz

flamme rouge ~ Bucks Fizz Tribute act

Gunsite Gregario's ~ Gelato Ride

Depart Time
Every Wednesday
9:15 sharp, weather permitting!

Ride Activity
Performance Top Up
~ Just riding with mates, but with a purpose... 

Performance Level
Ninety minutes tempo-ish, with a few "spirited lunges"...

Boy Band

flamme rouge ~ Boy Band tribute act; Fake That

EFR ~ Gunsite Grupetto Activities

Here's what the 105+ local Strava members of the Gunsite Grupetto have been getting up to this week...

EFR ~ Global Grupetto Activities

Here's what the 450+ global Strava members of our our family have been getting up to this week...

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