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What is it?
The Wingate Test, the Sprinters Test, is probably one of the most stressful, non-endurance tests that you can undertake. Although the test duration is around twenty minutes, the actual measured effort takes only thirty seconds.

More Information
To better understand the physiological issues this test addresses please read our Anaerobic Capacity Factsheet and our Power to Sprint Factsheet.

Why do I need it?
This test is used to determine peak anaerobic power and anaerobic capacity. Anaerobic power being the output of the ATP and PC energy systems.

An athlete's anaerobic capacity is the combined ability of both anaerobic energy pathways to produce effort and is shown as the average power output during the test. It may seem confusing now but anyone who has undertaken a Wingate test will be left in no doubt as to how these systems operate.

How to Prepare
This is an extreme test of your physiological capabilities and places an enormous strain on your body. It is vitally important to make sure you:

are fully rested
are fully hydrated
have had no hard rides for at least three days
have not eaten for at least two hours previous
have been of good health for at least four weeks
have good motivation and morale
are mentally prepared for the effort required

The Test
A Wingate test is not pleasant but the result it provides give an excellent indicator to the capacity and output of an athlete's anaerobic energy systems.

wingate test

There are no instructions to the effort part of this test. The athlete does whatever they have to maintain flat out effort for 30 seconds; in the saddle or out, up the gears or down. Anyone who has done this test will understand.

There is no lactate reading taken in this test as the very nature of it will cause lactate levels to go off the scale!

The Result
A Wingate Test provides masses of information on your power producing ability, sustainability and fatigue resistance. Carrying out tests at two month intervals especially at the late foundation and mid-build stages of your training cycle give impressive, validated representations of the success of your training.

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