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Do I need a Test?

cycle performance testing

Yes, is the short answer....

If you are preparing for an event, have defined a SMART future objective, or just need to "get fitter" (not an objective in itself but a laudable aim), how can you make sure you've progressed towards your defined goal without an assessment of where you are? A test is your benchmark or line in the sand; "This is where I am".

A journey starts...
If you wanted to go on a family holiday that you could drive to, you'd choose a destination and decide when you want to be there. A SMART goal, if you will.

You'd get the map out, or the Tom Tom in this day and age, and plot a route to get you to your destination on time. No use being a day early or a day late! A mis-timed family is an unhappy family.

Even if you did have a route map planned (training plan), you wouldn't let someone take you to a place blindfolded, let you out and say okay, drive to your destination. You need to know where you are before you can plot a course as to where you need to be.

vo2max test

The Performance Evaluation (we try not to call them "tests") is the key tool that gives you exact co-ordinates as to where you now are. If you've had a previous test it can be used to form comparisons against previous bests (resutls as above). The Performance Programme, is our map that plots the course from where you are, to where you want to be.

vo2max testing Having either a programme, or a performance result, is a good thing. But having both is a sum greater than thier parts. A good plan can only work if the information within it is credible, accurate and relevant.

For the price of a tub of energy drink you can benchmark your fitness and take the first steps towards your success...

Without a performance evaluation training is only validated on race day. If you win fine, if you don't, how can you improve what you don't know you're lacking?

Even worse, why waste valuable training time trying to improve something for which you're already at peak performance?

Take a performance evaluation, find out the answer and make a better informed decision on what to do next.

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