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TT Programmes ~ 10 & 25 miles

TT Programmes

Xavier Nafria Mitjans ~ 2012 Catalunya TT Championships
Just about to leave the start ramp to take 5th place on a borrowed bike!

Our ingenious, dynamic and re-usable flamme rouge Time Trail Programmes are designed to allow you to mix and match your training sessions to suit your needs and wants, depending on where you are in your training year. 

However you use them, they are designed for one specific purpose.  To get you to cover the ground faster than you now do!

We currently have two programmes, a 10 mile and 25 mile version.  Other distances in the pipeline are, 5 mile, 4000 metre track and 50 miles.

Both versions are 12 weeks long, but you can self-configure the programmes depending on where you are in your season, the timescale to your objective, and the objective you are trying to achieve. 

You can...

▼  Run them as a full 12 week programme

▼  Run the first 8 weeks as a programme

▼  Run the last 8 weeks as a programme

These comprehensive Ten or Twenty-Five Mile Programmes will, over the course of twelve or eight weeks, take you from your current level of "in-season fitness" to being race ready on the day of your choosing.  They will, under the right circumstances, help you grab a PB or season's best.

And you can use them as many times as you like.  Just re-enter your power/heart data, configure the countdown to your target date and pick up the programme on the date specified.

Who's it for...?
If you've completed, as a minimum, your own base training period, you can use this programme as a specialised approach to your target TT event. 

You don't need a heart rate monitor or power meter for any of the sessions within the programme.  But if you have either of them, there are specific target zones and parameters within the sessions, for which you can aim.

How it works...
Please use the PayPal button below to select the programme distance that best meets your needs.

Upon receipt of payment, we'll send you a short questionnaire for you to complete and return.  We gather information on your min/max heart rate, and/or your VO2max or FTP wattages if you know them, with a few other physiological questions about height, weight, etc.

Time Trial Programme

From the information you supply, we will personalise your programme's  drills and sessions with perceived exertion levels, heart rate zones, power zones and cadence guidelines before sending it out to you.

As mentioned earlier, if you don't have heart or power information it's not a problem. The sessions work equally well without them. Bernard Hinault and Eddy Merckx never had bike gadgets, and it never held them back!

What you get...
Your re-configurable manual will contain 34 pages, which includes our TT Timings & Starting Strategy document and have everything you need to guarantee you will be as prepared as you can for your target event.

There's specific VO2max. Lactate and FTP development sessions, advice on stretching, ride preparation, road sessions, adaptation zones, physiological adaptations and much more.

All the turbo/mid-week sessions are less than an hour long and have a specific physiological target or outcome.  There is also an extended "rainy day" session that takes longer than an hour which will help you progress if you get a weekend where you can't get outside.

All the sessions can be done either on the road or a home trainer.  Obviously, in most cases, the home trainer gives the consistency and best return on your training time for the mid-week sessions.

What it costs...
For less than the price of a bike chain, you will receive an 8 or 12 week programme you can use whenever you wish.  A programme that's guaranteed to improve your race-day performance for just £20 (US$30).

Or get both our reusable 10 Mile & 25 mile, 12 week TT Combo programmes for just £35 (US$55).  That's 24 weeks of drills and sessions for the price of a training tub.

What people think...
I have only been following the 25 TT programme for a month, but already I am beginning to feel the benefits.  The plans are fantastic value for money and easy to follow, though not necessarily easy to do!  They are tough and a step up from the previous programme I followed.

allan lloyd

Alan Lloyd ~ Lewes Wanderers CC
VTTA 100 mile TT Champs ~ with long shadows...

Tony has been fantastic with communication and has offered encouragement, reassurance and technical expertise in equal measures.  I cannot recommend this package highly enough.
Alan Lloyd ~ UK

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