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Speed Development Programme


Susan Clark ~ First Lady
Marc Gomez (San Remo winner (left)) ~ Chateaugiron Brittany

Our "re-usable" flamme rouge Speed Development Programme has been designed for one purpose only; eye bleeding speed. 

This comprehensive programme will, over the course it's duration, fine-tune all the attributes you need to make you a faster rider. 

It will squeeze the last living dregs from your muscles and lungs, but when it's finished you will have the heart of a lion.  And the speed of a cheetah!

Who's it for...?
If you're in to the main part of your season and just seem to be missing that vital ingredient to breakaway, punch out of the bunch to close a gap, or hang on for that last kilometre surge from the flamme rouge to the start of the sprint, then this is the programme for you. 

You don't need a heart rate monitor or power meter for any of the sessions within the programme.  They would be a waste of time!  if you have them, use them to record new PB's, because whatever you've done before, this programme will take you to new levels.  It's that good.

Be prepared to "suffer well".  But the rewards (as you can see below) are well worth it. 

What does it cost?
The price of this Performance Programme is just £20 (approx US$33). 

What is the duration?
The duration this Performance Programme is 8 weeks.  But, as with all our programmes, you can reconfigure it, to be used as many times as you wish, to run from whichever date you wish. 

Purchase A Programme...
If you think this flamme rouge Performance Programme best suits your needs, please click "Buy Now" so the adventure can begin. 

If you're not sure, drop us an email (contact details in the footer) and we can discuss options, or tailor something more specific.


We took the Team Prize as well! 

What do I get?
You are not purchasing a "follow these instructions" training plan.   Our value-driven, "re-usable and re-configurable" programmes and manuals are the equivalent of small books, written just for you.  Our 20 week options are around 45 pages with our 12 and 8 week options 35 and 25 pages respectively.

You get all the information you need starting with, how the programme works (and why), access to an ever-growing library of Frequently Asked Questions, and your own personalised Heart & Power Zones and physiological markers.

There's a "predicted" Performance Timeline, an at-a-glance Programme Overview and a chart showing your forthcoming Training Load and Intensity Levels, allowing you to predict and track your fitness gains.

micro cycle

Each Micro Cycle has a clearly laid out plan of which sessions to tackle, when and at a level of effort that best meets your needs.  There is also a clearly defined list of the three objectives and benefits you will gain from the sessions you are undertaking.  If you are to give your all for these sessions, then surely it's important that you know why you're being asked to do them and what benefits you will directly gain from doing so.

flamme rouge programme

To complete the package, there are optional Gym, Weights & Stretching Workouts, and information pages on how best to prepare for road and turbo sessions, with further guidelines on Race Preparation and Recovery.

In short, you get a comprehensive breakdown on how to best prepare for whatever discipline, objective or event you have identified as important to you. 

How it works...
Once you've selected your programme, we'll send you a short questionnaire to complete and return to us. We ask for your min/max heart rate, and/or your VO2max or FTP wattages if you know them.

There's also a few other physiological questions about height, weight, age, available riding time, etc.

In line with your responses, we will personalise the programme's drills and sessions with perceived exertion levels, heart rate zones, power zones and cadence guidelines.

Start to finish process takes around three to five days.

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